Masonry Heaters

Environmentally Friendly and Economical Masonry Heaters

Efficient Masonry Heaters

Keep your home warm and your loved ones happy and healthy all winter long with a masonry heater from Thomen and Sons Masonry.

Masonry heaters have a large masonry mass and heat exchange channels, allowing them to store heat from within. Even after the fire is gone, your masonry heater is able to release heat into your home throughout the day, keeping you warm.

Benefits of Masonry Heaters

  • Less wood
  • Warm heat
  • Long-lasting
  • Surface warm to the touch
  • Beautiful masonry work

Energy-Efficient Masonry Heaters

With a masonry heater, there are no harmful fossil fuels to deal with, and it warms your home all day long. The heater also uses less wood than a conventional fireplace.
Masonry Heater

Cost-Efficient and Eco-Friendly Masonry Heaters

With no fossil fuels to worry about, your masonry heater will burn hotter and cleaner. This is better for your wallet and for the environment.
Thomen & Sons Masonry is a certified masonry heater builder and a member of the Masonry Heater Association of North America.
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